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AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

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6 minutes ago, Baroness Von Panda said:

10am PT:

Hi everyone,

We're investigating reports of an outage. At a glance, it looks to be Xbox Live, however we're digging deeper to be certain, as some reports we're seeing would indicate it's our servers. 

Please keep an eye on this thread for updates. 

Hi baroness we have reports from users in our whattsapp group, they can play in some places like California, but we other players in locations like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina can't log in to play.

The problem is we are vulnerable to be attackesd, but we can't attack. We think it is unfair we can lost crowns, but we can't earn it. 

Mi question is AOE are thinking in something to make up for the differences between player able to play and the players who's have to he issue.

In advance thanks baroness

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Considero que sería conveniente que nadie durante este tiempo sea capaz de saquear recursos y coronas ya que la mayoría estamos imposibilitados a responder a dicho ataque, siendo una pérdida importante para los que intentamos posicionarnos en primeros lugares y hoy podríamos ser vulnerables ante cualquiera.

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Teilweise kein Login möglich in:

Westeuropa/Deutschland/Hessen/Frankfurt am Main

Mit 3 von 8 Account komme ich zwar in das Spiel, aber Kämpfe sind nicht möglich. Egal ob es eine Revanche oder mittels Suchlauf ein Kampf sein soll. Am Ende des Ladebildschirm steht ein Verbindungsfehler zum Server.

Google Translator:

Partly no login possible in:

Western Europe / Germany / Hesse / Frankfurt am Main

With 3 out of 8 account I get into the game, but fighting is not possible. It does not matter if it is a revenge or a fight by means of a search. At the end of the loading screen there is a connection error to the server.

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I don't think it is error in Xbox Live, because client correctly can detect that I have signed in on another computer.


ETA: I suspect problem with network like routing if few players can get in.

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