Baroness Von Panda

AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

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Down in Phoenix since first login attempt at about 7:30am. Two different PC's.

Also thanks to Baroness for her dedication to the users and game. It is nice to know someone is monitoring when problems occur.

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15 minutes ago, Baroness Von Panda said:


Please stop with the unfounded speculation. One of our servers fell over, it's as simple as that. 

And yes, you're right, I don't reply on a Saturday. But I'm also not seeing any messages anywhere from you?? So I'm not sure where you sent them, but I didn't receive them. 

Please keep this thread specifically relevant to your outage issues. Anything else can be PMd to me and I'll deal with it during the work week.

Please, please, please tell me you mean that more literally than figuratively. 
Let me keep the visualization that some raccoon got in the back window and literally knocked it over. 
Because that would be hysterical and I couldn't even be upset. 

"Falling over" doesn't work when it's some random that should of had a redundancy. 
But Raccoon...

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6 minutes ago, Machupichu67 said:

Baroness Von Panda you are the only one who takes into account.
What are your colleagues doing?
After you solve this problem, you can also answer my questions about the problems that I have yelled from yesterday.
As long as you do not clean up the players you will not get rid of these issues.
Put search on Google
Age of Empires Castle Siege Cheats
You will have many unpleasant surprises

all those cheats dont work, they are just spams

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