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27 minutes ago, DD3399 said:

JP, I can't log in from a 2nd device, tells me that it recognized a new location of login and asking me, if I'm a robot, then telling, that I have to check the email. Then I'm in that loop. ... strange!

A couple of players have had that problem. Maybe just signup again with a 2nd username for the new device. DD2 or something.

On 9/11/2018 at 1:13 AM, Baroness Von Panda said:

Just need to add that this is not and official Discord server :)

(Totally fine with it, and fine with the pinned post! But just need to call out that it's not official) 

Totally fine with that. Thank you.

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This is still available for everyone to join! A great way to stay in contact with everyone, even after may and December. Check it out and if you like it, it is free and easy to make your own channel for your select group of people if you choose to do so. 

@Baroness Von Panda at this point you just as well join us.👍

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The Forum will shut down soon. Join us on Discord.

Over 120 have joined so far representing dozens of alliances.

Come and have a chat.

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photo won't load. STill doesn't.

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