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castle siege new content suggestion

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As a user who likes and enjoys playing this game, I have some suggestions or directions to move forward.
There's a lot of chance that it's going to be out of control, but I think it's going to extend the life of the game,
and personally it could fill the gaps. Games are very well made, but there is little content but battle compared to other games.
 History campaigns are a very short camp in their early days and there is nothing else but battles.
What I'm suggesting may be for high-level or low-level.
 Let's write down what we thought while playing games

1)Massive siege attact event
Set the time and date of the event For example, we have an event for 3 hours from 7 to 10. So,
 if you press 10 people (or 6 to 8 people) who are starting to attack each attack with a strong tower
and a strong fortress with the size or walls of the tower, you can attack the unit at the same time.
Cleary's reward for all of its allies. It's not easy to clear, it's hard to do it with my head. 2 attacks,
2 failures, no challenge. We have these events held about once a month. Or once a week.
It's okay to give an honorary score if it interferes with the commercial game flow of gold coins.
 Creating an honorary score (a new score content) and collecting a certain level of data can buy a new design castle or a new one.
A 100 percent clear or top 3 in time rewards an alliance with a higher level of rewards.
 Because it's the strength of the alliance, the relationship between the top and bottom of the alliance is not affected.

2) free making Mode
It's a pre-positioning mode for each user to build a free castle with a fixed wall, a tower unit, and to allow the user to
 freely challenge their own fortresses in the same alliance. And of course, the challenging user is also targeting the balanced hero,
which allows the user to freely set the pre-mode castle, so that he can spend time in a very easy castle, and he can't play the clear game.

3) Making a more free check
Compared to other games, this game is very basic, uncomfortable, and boring. As I write on the bulletin board,
I think it would be better to provide a better chat environment. Create another chat window without the existing
 ripples sharing or writing. Global chat may be difficult to make into a language or server problem,
and I think providing a better chat environment between allies can also create higher-level games.

5) Honor store for a person's qualification
This is an honor score that I suggested earlier, and if the reward for gold is as good as the overall flow of the game,
 it's about creating new content by introducing something like an honor score. If I get an honorary score, I think I can buy a new design,
 such as a fortress, wall, or tower structure in an honorary store, which will give me and other people a sense of individuality,
play games longer and challenge.

I think it's this much that comes to mind right now. Please refer to the developer and finish listening, thinking this game will be a new game.


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