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I happens sometimes, though I have not yet experienced it myself for more than an hour or so. Xbox is pretty buggy. It could be to do with your internet connection, or your windows installation. If it persists seek support from MS.

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23 hours ago, Jimmy Sutnga said:

My gamertag is jmjgamer, and I couldn't sign in for the last 3 days. Does anyone know why or is it simply my own problem?

game working fine. please sign-out and sign-in again in your Xbox App or console . open the game after successful login on app. if you get any further trouble then please send PM to BV panda. 


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5 hours ago, SideData120 said:

I am having the same problem.  It says to log into xbox then try again, even when I start from xbox.com

me too. haven't tried all 4 accounts yet. but getting the "sign in to xbox" message. i successfully logged into my xbox accounts through internet explorer, and still can't login to the game. tried several times on two of my CS accounts with no success. i haven't tried to reset the app store or restart the PC yet. guess those are my next options to try. hope it gets sorted out.

on the bright side, i've been checking the forum for the first time in a very long time. sad to see it seems to be a ghost town these days. but at least there's a few diehards left.


Never mind. Was just a temporary problem. though it did go on for about 3 hours. I have now logged in to my main acct at least.

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Thanks. We can't all be crazy. Something must have happened and it is clear now.  Was able to get online a few minutes ago.  Hopefully, you too.  There must have been an issue they (SGI or Microsoft) resolved and don't want to own. Guess it doesn't matter for me now.

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