ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

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AoE:CS was one of the greatest tower defence games I played, because it was first to introduce comllete control of units by player and very attractive buildings design. 

However, looks like devs have made a wrong move by almost not investing in marketing at all. 

For iOS and Android, name of AoE:CS couldn't float to the top because of many games, but especially one company that is marketing gigant, and that company is Supercell, with it's game Clash of Clans. 

I just hope that one day I will see a game with same idea as AoE:CS, but the one that will remain and that will become huge rival to Clash of Clans. 

Until then, good bye guys, it was great to be playing with all of you 😢

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20 hours ago, Plus2Joe said:

Hey Siegers!


It’s the sad duty of us here at Microsoft Studios to announce the decision to begin the process of sunsetting Age of Empires: Castle Siege, to ultimately close the game on May 13, 2019. Though we’re saddened to be ending this chapter of the Age of Empires franchise, we look back with immense gratitude for the support, patience, and passion of our community over the years.


What does this mean?

From May 13, 2019 Age of Empires: Castle Siege matchmaking services will cease, which means the game will no longer be playable. Until then, you can continue to play Castle Siege as normal.


As of now, Gold will no longer be purchasable. You will be able to continue earning your daily free Gold from trade routes until closure.


In addition, we are refunding all purchases of in-game Gold from the past 6 months, beginning with purchases made on May 8, 2018. Players will be able to spend what Gold they have until matchmaking ceases on May 13, 2019.


These forums will remain open until Dec 13, 2018, after which they will be archived. We encourage all our forums users to join further conversations about the Age of Empires franchise on the official Age forum at More information is available on the Xbox Support Page for Castle Siege.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for playing with us!



Kindly tell about those who bought gold using their Apple and Android phones. I used Google Play store to purchase some.  So far no update for such cases.

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This is heartbreaking news. 😭 Castle Siege has a great strategy to it and a lasting appeal in my opinion. 😋 The team aspect lends it a social atmosphere. 🗣️ The game runs well and is nice visually. 🤩 I enjoy playing it daily, and have been for over two years. 😍 Please save this game!  ⚰️

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Era sabido que esto pasaría pronto.
Años de jugadores proponiendo mejoras y eventos para mejorar la experiencia en el juego, siendo ignorados por parte del equipo de Microsoft, que nunca se preocuparon por subir la calidad de su producto.
Ahora, siguiendo con la misma forma de actuar, nos dan la espalda y nos dejan atrás.
Es lamentable que teniendo los recursos y la oportunidad de crear una experiencia única y grandiosa, se hayan conformado con un juego mediocre y ahora sin mas lo descarten completamente. 
Me compadezco del encargado de esta división, por ser una persona tan inútil y cobarde. No ha sido un placer. Adiós

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