ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

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Dear Aoe team: CS if Microsoft Studios wants to cancel the game at least demolish the epic farewell I hope a code for all players in the game for the next saga something futuristic halo wars2 style, from here I said goodbye was a pleasure to play with you but I promise to be the last man standing

Estimado equipo de Aoe: CS si Microsoft Studios quiere dar de baja al juego al menos demole la  mas epica despedida espero un codigo para todos los jugadores del juego para la proxima saga algo mas futurista estilo halo wars2, de aqui me despido fue un gusto jugar con ustedes pero prometo ser el ultimo hombre en pie

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AOE sont des voleurs et des arnaqueurs, vous avez gaspillés de l'argent pour acheter de l'or et ces bâtards se sont gavés mdrrrrr

Ceci pourrait être comparable à une assiociation de malfaiteurs, ne vous laissez pas faire attaquer ces bidons en justice et prenez leurs un max

bonne chance

AOE perso moi je vous ******

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Good Bye, It has been fun playing for the last years, and now to be left at the drop of a hat is also fun. It is a sad day. I am so mad that I am quitting the game now. I have had enough of the people that don't support the players. What could they be thinking.


Well to all the players it was fun to know and talk with you. AirTightColt.

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