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Sometimes I play FREE FIRE (mini version of PUBG) on my dads android phone. I found there very exciting thing which is CUSTOM ROOM. Only Moderates can create custom room, lucky 50 players can get into this room ( It's for everyone but fasters have the opportunity to get in). The number of matches depend on "OCCASIONS/Anniversary /Moderators mood".

This game comes with three modes SOLO DUO and SQUAD. For the SOLO custom room lucky 50 players can get in the room, for duo/squad, players have to enroll their squad to the mod team. Squad forms by 4 players. Maybe there is also something "How many squad can be enlisted", i don't know this exactly...

This custom room is more enjoying than regular. Obviously rule is same that is "last standing" but the winning prize is unbelievable. That makes more exciting..

Moreover every custom room matches are also "Live stream" on YouTube.

If we had some updates..... :( :(

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I've dabbled with Star Wars Commander, which is more a Clash of Clans clone but with a (to me) nicer theme. And that just wasn't deep enough for me, too shallow.

I'm currently playing Rise of Civilizations and enjoying that a lot. It's a surprisingly deep RTS on a mobile phone. Alliance play is a big element. But as with all F2P mobile games lately, it has it's definite strong P2W elements, and is incomparable in that regard to AoE:CS. So if just the possibility that any P2W whale could potentially just waltz over and smash your alliance to pieces deters you, don't go there. Or if you have issues overspending on F2P games, don't go there either.

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20 hours ago, Ragnar Sigurdson said:

Thanks, Speler! So far I couldn't get the game started with a PC emulator. But it might be an alternative, because it seems to be quite complex.

Ragnar, after you wrote this, I installed it via BlueStacks and it works fine!

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11 hours ago, Andy P said:

There are many Age of Empires games out there. 

Which one is for phone. I don't open my Laptop quite often. I use it only if I want something to print. Playing at bed with phone is much more comfortable. 

Keep sieging 

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