Final Thank You

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Before this forum got completely shut down, I would like to say THANK YOU for the hard work that Panda delivered to us.  I still remember she manually placed peace treaties for each of us upon request during the severe crash time which was certainly not fun to do that manually.  Then, she provided detailed instructions to troubleshoot my laptop crash even after the patch has been applied. I hope you all the best and hope to see you again in the forum of another better game from SGI.

Tin from Toronto, Canada


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Thank you Panda 

You were a steady force

To reconnoiter with

Indelible and indominable

Fair and forceful

Sheesh better stop before my lexicon burns up

Thanks for the memories one and all

It was truly worth the ride.

never attaining any topped out lists

it was the curious and the learning that was worth it all.

What skills did we attain here

Social, political, or religious norms weren't of any portent

Just the camaraderie of good times

take care and find the time to drop the hints of battles to come

development to occur and improvements over the existing in the temporal end


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