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Some final useless opinions

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In reading the last insights here, just my final 2 or 3 cents for the reasons of this sunset:

1. Age 10 without an improvement of the strength of the tier 3 heroes was a mistake. More health for Winrich, Nikephoros and Newski, 1 more ability for Saladin and Edward would have given a better winrate to casual players, without making strong defences useless.

2. Solving this error the easy way by not nerving Conrad soon after the ramrush spread out,  put the game into a dead end for further developements like more civs or alliance improvements.

The game got less interesting, as the focus shifted more from playing to time management skills.

3. The unbeleavable slow upgrating might have been a good strategie to improve the binding of players to Win phones, but completely backfired in the much more competitive android world. 


I hope someone comes to senses sometimes and is relauncing this game for the mobile market- with age 8 being the final one, much faster developement and much faster recovery for the heroes.


So bye to all in the forum -I keep on sieging till the bitter end,  meet you in the matchmaker 😉

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