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A Thank You From SGI

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See you all. Have a good holiday and may we meet again.

Also,feel free to add me as a friend on discord at DestroyerArcher#3125 if you would like to join me in my guild for a base builder releasing in May 2019 called Rift of Raigard, which while lacking Micromanagement, seems to have a fair few similarities to AoE CS and seems to be doing some interesting innovations.


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It was a fulfilling ride. 

W two objectives left on my primary account now I get my first recruit in 5 months.

I thank Phasma for my emporer-ship(after reading the forum for HTTs). I thank the devs for balancing out their acts of Godmode for the balance between PT and revenge of revenges. I thank all the battlers that made it excruciatingly difficult to learn this game that was supposed to be fun. I am just now getting my second wind and realizing it's the final breath.

OMG when will this game become mine?!?!?


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