How to go from #1 money game to *** plan

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First you make a great game than many love and you listen to what they have to say and implement that. You tell everyone what your plans are get the feedback from the forum and go forth. You have a gold sale every now and then to get people used to using that to speed the game up. Everything is going great now everyone for the most part is happy. Oh no all the people who know how to code the game have left SGI, we dont know how to add new content. We will make a post on our Facebook page to find new people, hmmm that didnt work. Ok we know how to add a different level on everything and just add bigger numbers so everyone can spend money looking for a ton of stone. Oh no thats not enough we need to get Robeyone in here he fix it and he adds battle chests and spys. [MOD EDIT: unnecessary, offensive and unkind].So the best thing to do now is just NOTHING  I will never play another SGI game again its pretty clear you guys have no clue how to run a game.  Oh 1 more thing you might want to at least have some of your friends post some comments on your Facebook  that mess you got now is not helping anything.

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Wha Ho TF! did you pull this out of your A.

It's the end.

The end is near. I have a new Age IV in the alliance.

HTF do I pull him through to the end?

I'm enjoying demolition time w/ Rams & Mangonels  

by abusing Martel & Conrad in concerto.

Taking crowns and pennants.

All this to fulfill my last two objectives.

Attacks and Defenses. +51


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