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a bit off topic but I noticed that I can't upload screenshots, it requires an URL. Now as WP user I can't download imgur, it redirected to google store and as this is a Microsoft powered forum, what am I supposed to use?

thanks in advance for your kind reply

Just tried:

  • use Internet Explorer on phone to go to "imgur.com"
  • on the first screen it "No, thanks" - left of this get app (this Screen did not Show up the second time I went there
  • hit right on the top the cloud with the arrow pointing up
  • Hit the X in the top right to Close the advertisment for the app
  • Now you can select either a Picture from your phone or a web url
  • Then hit the upload button
  • Select "Direct Link" in the Dropdown on the top left
  • Copy the link and paste it!!!!

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