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On ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2015 at 9:45 AM, MS IamPREZSTEVE said:

Welcome, everyone, to the new forums!

  • New look and feel
  • Mobile support: forum layout will change to look better on small devices
  • New forum software that will make it easier for the team to maintain and address issues and bugs faster
  • Faster load times and better forum stability
  • Many other items and concerns from the old forum feedback thread

Existing forum users, your post count and rank have carried over here. The existing posts you’ve made are accessible as well.

A note about avatars: existing users have had their old avatars imported into the new forums, and will be unable to change them for time being. New users have a default avatar. Creating an avatar gallery similar to the old forums is one of our top priorities post-launch. In addition, we’ll be adding custom avatar functionality for users who’ve reached a certain rank.

EDIT: A small subset of users may not have had their avatars migrated over properly. We're aware of this issue and are working to fix it. Fixed!

We’ll be making an update to the rest of the site later this summer, bringing with it a brand new design, and a single sign-in across the forums and blog.

In the meantime, if you experience any wonky behavior or wish to report bugs, please respond here or send me a PM directly. We hope you enjoy using our new forums!


EDIT: Adding this changelog so you guys know what we're changing based on your feedback.

  • Disabled posting to root folders (i.e. 'Age of Empires II: HD Edition' vs 'General Discussion')
  • Disabled posting to Age of Empires: Castle Siege 'Announcements' forum
  • Forum restructuring
    • Renamed 'Age of Empires II: HD Edition' to 'Age of Empires II'
    • Renamed 'Age of Mythology: Extended Edition' to 'Age of Mythology'
    • Renamed 'Events and Polls' to 'Contests and Polls'
    • Consolidated AoE II, AoM, and AoE III subforums down to 'General Discussion' and 'Support'
      • All deleted subforums' content was moved to 'General Discussion'
    • Removed all foreign language subforums
      • All content was moved into corresponding 'General Discussion' subforums
    • Consolidated all 'Age of Empires Legacy Games' subforums into one
    • Deleted 'Support' forum
      • All deleted subforums' content was moved into corresponding games' 'Support' subforums
    • Removed game prefix from subforums' titles 
  • Renamed 'Gamertag' to 'Xbox LIVE Gamertag' in the Contact Methods section of the user profile
  • Added 'Blog URL' in the Contact Methods section of the user profile
  • Increased PM storage limit from 50 to 100
    • This isn't an easy one. As you may have noticed, conversations you've started on the new forums are threaded (yay!!!!!!!) Unfortunately, the old migrated messages were not. While we've increased the conversation storage limit to 100, some of you still might be over. Unfortunately, if you want to receive new PMs, you'll need to go back through your old conversations and delete them (hit 'Leave Conversation') to get under your limit. I know this isn't ideal, but that's the only solution we have.
  • Increased number of reputation allowed to be given per day from 10 to 25 Removed limit
  • Increased number of displayed posts per paged from 25 to 10 10 to 15 
  • Changed rank titles and post counts. Have a look and provide feedback here

I know this forum restructure makes things look a bit different, but I hope you guys find it to be less overwhelming and a lot cleaner. Keep your suggestions coming! We're monitoring this thread closely.

hello,i am a plyer of age of empire castle siege,my gamer tag is arshi1,i just did an attack about 50 minutes ago, in the middle of attack the game server gone down for maintenance,i already destroyed the keep but when I came back my attack was lost and I lost 59 crowns,i had no internet connection issue,after server down I browsed on the web and everthin was ok with my internet,please help with this issue, thanks arshi1, I am a regular player of the game.. 

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I am having problems with the avatar picture as shown below:


I wanted to choose one of the predifend ones, but I cant access them. When I select the Icon to get to the avatars only a empty popup opens with a save button.

I did under account settings disconnect it form my Microsoft account, no clue what else is needed ...


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A week is gone and ... nothing. Anybody still taking care of this forum?

Why is this the only place unable to sync with the picture from the MS account? I changed it last friday again, it got picked up everywhere else but here. And yes, the settings in my forum account are correct, I guess I have seen the picture 3 times for a total of 15 minutes since I changed it ...

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On ‎7‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 9:10 AM, Je suis ... sick of this poo!! said:

Again it was here - for 10 minutes ... what is going on??


Are you running out of wax?

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2 minutes ago, stark47 said:

where do i post that the gae isnt runnig and says that server is under maintenance for 5 days?!

Go to AoE:Castle Siege Support Forum.

Btw, welcome to forums :D.

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Hoping this is where I post this. I have had a message all day that the game won't authenticate my server, so I can't log in. Meanwhile, I'm probably getting my *** kicked. Anyone know what to do to get this solved?

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I'm a first time user so sorry if I'm doing this wrong, I have just bought a windows 10 laptop and I'm looking for a straightforward move based strategy game, I'm really not into multiplayer games just want something like Historyline, Cossacks or something along those lines, preferably WW1, WW2 nothing to mystical, can anyone recommend any games please? many thanks......

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