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Heroes and Units



  • Is there like a video that shows me how to use all the heroes?

Um, yeah, there actually is.  Thanks @lilanthe



  • How does Conrad work?

Conrad's ability is only available when Conrad is in the Tower. Once he leaves, there is no ability. He only ever has one use of the ability.

Level 1 =  Short duration and lower dmg resistance"
Level 2 = Improved duration, but still short and lower damage resistance 60-70% I think?
level 3 = Improved duration and max damage reduction. about 90 or 95%
level 4 = Max duration and max damage reduction. about 90 or 95%


  • How does Winrich work?


Winrich can shoot over walls, but he must be very close to the wall to do so.  Regardless of walls, his range appears thus:




Note:  Winrich can destroy a maxed musket tower.  His damage bonus doesn't apply for watch signal because it is more an emplacement than a tower..


  • How does Maslama work?

Use Maslama's ability not on towers but on your attacking units. His ability protects your surrounding attacking units (that are within the smoke) from tower damage (including Flame Towers). It may look like the towers are still hitting your smoke-covered units, but they will not be taking any damage from it.  However, your units are not protected from defending melee units + Cheirosiphons. On the other hand, your units are protected from ranged units; his ability protects you from all ranged attacks (this includes Catapults).

Here is a screenshot to illustrate his ability better. NOTE: This illustration is old and Maslama now protects units in his smoke field from flame, such as from flame towers.  So Please disreagard the "Aieeee! We're on fire!!" bit.




  • What do Knight Templars do?

Knight Templars get a bonus damage to towers.  They are like crossbowman in that they are designed to take out defenses.


  • How do towers work and what is the best way to drop them?

Archer towers and cannon towers work the same way.

  • If the attacking unit is closer than the distracting unit, then it will switch to the attacking unit.
  • If two units are attacking the same tower, then it will switch to the nearest target.
  • If a unit goes out of range or dies, then the tower will switch target

For destroying them:

Your best options. (1) trebs, (2)Grenadiers, or (3)knight templars

  • In general: While initiating the attack, It's always better to use trebs+ meatshields to take down towers.
  • Archer Towers: The best distracting unit is champions.   Grenadiers can be used on archer towers. Some layouts have archer towers well spread out and placed on outer walls. In this case, you can't expect your trebs to roam around the castle.It is much time consuming. A squad of grenadier and a champion will do this.  Knight templars can also be used. Also you can use them on towers at the end of the battle to take out some more towers.  (For example, after martel's taunt).
  • Cannon Towers: The best distracting unit is archers (since they are spread out).  If you use champions against cannons, it is better to use them on resource buildings or on opened wall piece. If you use it on a closed wall piece, the cannon splash damage will take half of the squad. However, Cannon Towers are inaccurate, so if you move the units here and there, mostly it will miss the target.  Pro Tip: If the cannon switched its target on your trebs unexpectedly, quickly redirect an archer to fire cannon so that it switches the target over that archers. For this purpose, many players use a mix of archers+champions as meat shields.  Finally, if you have to take the last cannon tower and if you have no trebs to deal with it, you can distract them with some units and direct a grenadier inside the short range.


  • Musket Towers: These are very dangerous because they have huge range, health, reload speed, and damage per second.  Though they do not have any splash damage, they never miss the target (even mamluks) and it takes forever for the trebs to reach them. It shouldn't be a problem with Martel, Conrad and infantry rush attacks. But it's a bit tough with other heroes.  Use units with higher number of soldiers as distractors (champs, archers and pikeman).  Knight Templars also work if the cannon tower is not within its range.
  • Emplacements: These are tricky.  They switch targets frequently. If it is just behind the wall,  then use archer/ trebs. If the wall is breached, use two squad of mamluk.  Laddermen can work, too.

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Common Offensive Strategies


Conram Rush

What it is: Conrad, at least 6 rams, usually 10+ rams.  Often paired with Joan on the theory that if Joan converts other troops, then you can fit even more rams into your suitcase.  This approach uses tons and tons of rams, and focuses them each on different towers and emplacements, using Joan to convert troops to clean up.  This seems to be the most popular approach.  This is Conrad + Rams + no effort.  This renders the most formidable defense worthless.  Anyone have a good video?

Some suggest there is a second Conram theory in which the army has a mix of rams and other troops.  This approach strictly goes to knock out the keep and uses the 60+ troops and second hero to cross the 50% second star line.  


Martel and Anyone

Martel covers the rest of everyone.  This renders the most formidable defense worthless.

Rainbow Rush

What it is:  It is Richard, Herman, and 72 of your favorite infantry.  Some guys use a few trebs, but just a sprinkle.  Don't let them overwhelm the recipe.  Basically a locust farm in digital form.  When used correctly, this renders the most formidable defense worthless.


Edward and Belisarius: and 15 Knights Templar Smash & Grab

This has many variations, but basically Beli breaks a few walls and then a mess of Meatshields and KTs provide cover for Edward to strike the keep 3x.  This renders the most formidable defense worthless.

Sviat Red Raider Rush

You can pair him with Herman, with Maslama, and perhaps with Richard.  Take at least 10 red raiders.  The rest of the army is negotiable.  Find a castle with no more than two walls between you and the keep.  No nearby flame towers, please.  Blast a hole and soak the place with infantry.  Get in and get out for one star, maybe two.






This involves dozens and dozens of green archers.  Someone needs to write a better description, please.

One Archergeddon uses Joan and either Maslama or Hermann.  It's usually a 2-star attack, but vulnerable if Maslama dies early. Take about 7 Grens to punch a wall holes to the Keep for Archers, and Maslama to cover the Grens.  Joan converts the Watch Signal trops and uses them to destroy the outlying buildings and/or provide cover for Grens.


Red Raider/Archer Combo Rush

Use Richard+Belisarius and shoot for two stars.  Take about 35+ Archers, 20+ Raiders, 6 Champs, and 4 Mamluks.  Use Mamluks to kite defensive troops.  Meanwhile, use Belisarius to open a path to the Keep for the Red Raiders.  Continue to,break down walls to open sections for Raiders, and destroy outlying buildings.  


Specific Hero Combos

There are 153 possible hero combos, and if we talk enough, someone is going to insist that this FAQ includes every single one.  But here are some of the more popular ones.


Hermann(or Maslama) + Winrich

A higher difficulty level attack but can be devastating in the right hands. Was used more often in age 9 than age 10 which is gonna be a theme .



A one-time popular age 8/9 attack in a time before you had to worry about Saladin freezing against turtles in age 10. Maslama hid the path as Saladin made his way to the keep to knock out.



is a great pick in age 8 and below where you could effectively neuter a castle's towers with Winrich and using your troops as well as the enemy defenders to clean up the rest. Added troops of age 9/10 as well as the increased rate of guard house deployments have made this a relic of those ages and replaced by Joan and Saladin combined with archergeddon to just go for a 50% one star copout.



This was a popular pre-Martel buff attack. So it's pretty ancient now.  But for posterity: It was an incredibly effective attack  especially against age 8s and below and those with weaker walls that essentially just melted away enemy defenses and walls out of their path. Its effectiveness was extremely diminished against age 9 and even more against age 10 keeps.



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Common Defensive Formations

Again, there are infinite defenses, and nobody is served by people simply finding some unique looking castle and giving it a funny name.  But here are some of the most common ones we see.  Some of these are photocopied pixel-by-pixel by players.  Others people borrowed thematically and riffed on them how they see fit.  Regardless, some patterns emerge and there are some general strategies that work against each of them.  That's important teaching material.


The Turtle

What it is:  Age X castles have 20 towers, which is the magical number needed to completely surround the 4x4 Keep. Though this formation gives up the ability to collect daily gold via your roads, it totally prevents Conrad ram rushes from reaching your keep and creates a super dangerous kill box.  I've seen some Turtles with defensive logs of fewer than 40 stars.  I believe this formation is presently the strongest one around. 

How to beat it: A well-placed Winrich is brutal.  Also Herman and Richard, as shown in the Rainbow Rush strategy above.





The Tribute

What it is: Ever since the Devs nerfed our ability to revenge our opponents while they are in a peace treaty, the most effective way to defend your crowns and resources has been to simply give up one star and hope nobody gets greedy.  The Devs have never addressed this giant bit of nonsense they created back in the summer of 2015.  However, tributes seem rarer ever since the Age X came and made the Turtle possible.  


How to beat it: Usually, it's best to use as few troops as possible, take the Keep, and get out of town.  In a vacuum, one teutonic knight will drop the Keep.  However, lots of chuckleheads like to dangle that free keep while loading the area around it with traps and towers.  There is some good strategy in that, as the more units you can make your attacker waste, the less of a chance they try to steal a second star.

If the castle isn't very well defended (or even if it is but its loaded with crowns), it is often worth dropping your army on a full scale attack.  Some people like to get tangled up in their own various permutations of ethics and sportsmanship.  Feel free to make your own decisions.



No matter what, though, don't be like this guy and leave that Watch Signal outside the walls.  That is just stupid.


The Semi Tribute

More people also seem to prefer the semi-tribute to its naked cousin.  The Semi Tribute is where you drop your keep behind one set of walls and make the attacker really spend some troops to get that first star.  That leads us to the most famous Semi Tribute, the Turkey.


The Turkey

What it is:  This is a castle built either in the top or bottom corner.  The Keep is on the outside corner and is guarded heavily, usually with Archer and Flame/Crossbow Towers with Catapult Emplacements tucked in behind them.  It has a nasty, ugly face, an unguarded rear, and two pretty useless wings.  Plus it has a very juicy center.  And for a while, it used to strut around the leaderboard like it owns the joint.

How to beat it:  Use as few trebs and troops as you can to cut the turkey's ugly head off.  Then drop the rest of your army at its tail and pluck it's feathers, moving your way to the center.





The Turkey is essentially a semi-tribute that is designed to chew up your troops in exchange for that one star.  Along similar lines:

The Dirty Bird

This is my version of the turkey.  It's even uglier.  Also essentially a semi-tribute.  Very juicy center.  It is intentionally hard to look at.  It's a game of seconds, and symmetric layouts cut the scouting time in half.  You gotta stare at every side of my castle to figure out where things are.



The Great Wall

Anyone have a good one?


Great Wall/Turtle Combo





The Hour Glass

I hate this one.  I have never been able to get both sides of it.  Anyone have some intelligent thoughts for the kids at home?  I sure don't.



  • Teachable moment: Hey, what are those little 3x3 wall squares some of those castles have?

These things?


If unattended, trebuchets and rams will naturally seek out sealed sections of walls.  These dumb little squares serve as decoys, drawing trebuchets and rams to completely forget about attacking stuff that matters and crawl all the way across the screen to seek out and destroy these squares.  It's insane.  If you see any, drop a grenadier or a ram down to poke a hole in it.  All it takes is one hole to clear your siege weapons' heads.


The Citadel

This is a classic defense that has been with us since launch.  It's a mess of intersecting walls that create very small pockets to hide the high percentage buildings.  Note the open 3x3 spaces to directly adjacent to the Keep.  Those are fire traps.



The Terrordome Created by @Septerror43

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls....     introducing the 'TERRORDOME' :D 

Named for the isreali 'Iron Dome' missile defence system...   The 'TERRORDOME' advanced anti-Conrad defence system is now available and it's FREE!! get yours TODAY!!




Thanks, @united kochi for the video

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Outdated Defensive Formations Young Whippersnappers May Be Interested to See

General Frost a.k.a. Russian Winter

What it was: Individual wall pieces used to give off no spawn zones in each direction.  So you could litter your field with them to force people to spawn at the edge of the map, which really screwed up timing and caused delays.  It got to the point quickly where every top castle was a frost.  

Why the weird name?  With credit to @spirits back when the game was just two months old: Both Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf thought they could invade Russia during their conquests only to hit the harsh plains and be cut off of any reinforcement and supplies.

Similarly this defense really relies on using the huge area of the map and allowing the enemy troops to dwell in, and cut them off support the further they go in. The idea is to space out building and walls so as to force the enemy into spawning units away from the center and the keep. First the strongest units, the trebuchets will take forever to get there, and their meat shields the heavy infantry cannot be spawned on demand to protect them come the harsh winter.

This strategy is prone to Cavalry heavy attacks and has become very popular in the recent patches after cav rush has been nerfed. Mamluks are very popular defensive troops with this build as they can be devastating when unchallenged and hard to challenge at the same time when they are away from spawning area

Two variations i have seen are one with a double wall, and a double outer spacing.



Triple spacing, which forced attackers to spawn at the very edge of the map:





Theodosian Walls

Here's the original description by @spirits again, back in November, 2014: "Believe it or not, this formation has a great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYQQe63x-ko. It stems in the ancient byzantine empire and has helped its capital, Constantinople, survive many raids. Basically your castle is in the middle surrounded by three layers of wall. The inner inter-wall space is 1 square wide and contains defensive emplacements, and the second inter-wall is two squares wide and has the rest of the buildings, in addition to buildings outside."





Some variations have long range towers toward the inside, others the other way around, and some a combination of both.

An interesting recently more popular variation has the inner inter-wall space of two squares and contains guard houses well defended. and the outer with one square space


Great Wall (Original Recipe)

What it was:  Back in the old days, buildings could act as walls for purposes of creating no-spawn zones.





Alliances and Wonders

  • How do alliances work?  What are their benefits?

Alliances have three levels of membership: Emperor, Lord, and Noble
Everyone is a noble when they join an alliance. Nobles have no special perks (other than chatting).
Lords can invite other players to join the alliance.  Lords can kick nobles.  Lords can make and delete announcements.
Every alliance has one Emperor.  The Emperor can do everything nobles and lords can do, plus the following:  Promote nobles to lords, demote lords to nobles, and promote a lord to be the new emperor; edit the alliance name, shield, description, and settings; choose which wonder boost to research.  

You must be in an alliance to use your watch signal.  Only members of your alliance can donate troops.

Also, you must be in an alliance to activate wonder boosts or to contribute to the research of additional wonders/wonder boosts.



  • Help! My emperor is inactive.  How can we get a new one promoted?

The Devs' policy is not to interfere in Alliances’ selection of their emperors; if you have an issue with your leader, you’ll have to work it out within your Alliance. They are willing, however, to depose an emperor who has become inactive (defined as 60 days of inactivity in the game). If your emperor hasn’t logged in for at least 60 days, have a lord in your alliance send a private message to Empress_Phama with the following:


- Your Gamertag:
- Alliance Name:
- Emperor’s Gamertag:
- New Emperor:


The Devs recommend that you first establish a unanimous agreement on the new Emperor. Holding a vote prior to sending them a message is preferred.


  • Help! Some lord just kicked everyone out.  What's the deal?
  • Is there any generally accepted advice about wonders?
  • What happens to wonder boosts when someone leaves?
  • Who owns a wonder?  Can my Emp just kick everyone out?


The wonders and boosts belong to the alliance itself.  So long as the Emperor remains the Emperor, the Emperor effectively owns the wonders.  Unfortunately, an Emperor can kick somebody off an alliance even if the member contributed to the wonders.  If the Emperor were to kick all members and then leave the alliance themself, the alliance would disappear along with the Wonders.


  • How do watch signals work?


  • How do leagues work?

Each league season lasts two weeks.  The second that one season ends, the next season begins.  Each season, upon finishing your first offensive attack, you are automatically sorted into an individual league based on the total number of crowns you have after that match.  

Similarly, each season, upon the first person in your alliance to finish an offensive attack, your alliance is automatically sorted into an alliance league based on the total number of crowns your alliance has after that match.  Where there are more than 25 alliances or 100 individuals qualifying for a league, the leagues are randomly sorted into pools of those sizes.

The objective of leagues is to finish the season with the most total crowns of anyone else in your pool.  Once a player or alliance has been sorted into a league, they will remain in that league for the whole season, even if their crown totals grow (or shrink) beyond the parameters of that league.

Note:  In order for a player's crowns to count in their alliance's league and for that player to be eligible to receive any prizes that season, that player must be in an alliance before the season begins and must remain in that alliance without leaving throughout the entire season. The crowns of a player who joins an alliance after a season has started do not count toward that alliance's total crowns that season.  

The rewards for player leagues are as follows:


If your alliance finishes in the Top 3 in its league pool, then each player whose crowns counted as part of the win will get the loot listed below. In the individual leagues, each player in the top 3 of their pool will get the loot listed.  A player can win both an alliance loot prize and an individual player loot prize.

The rewards for alliance leagues are as follows:



  • Why are there so many high age players in my low ranked league?

Because players are sorted into leagues based on the total number of crowns that player has after their first offensive match, many high powered players artificially reduce their crowns in order to qualify for lower ranking leagues on the expectation that they will be able to then skyrocket their crowns and win that league.


  • Is there any time between each season?

No.  The very instant one season ends, the next season begins. 

  • Should we expect any changes to leagues?

MS dariakus has said: "I wouldn't expect to hear anything until after the third season. It's tempting to want to knee-jerk and attack immediate issues but we want to have a few seasons under our belts to make sure any changes we make address any broader scale problems that arise."




  • What are spies?

If you catch a spy, you receive up to 6 gold.  We don't know if there is a daily limit to the number of spies one can catch, but some players claim to have caught as many as four in one day.


  • Where did my missing road go?


  • How do you make a gate with just one road piece?thMa4iA.jpg?1%5DNice

Set up 3 walls and 1 road tile. Then put the keep on the other side of the wall and you get the gate. Afterwards you can move the keep and the gate stays (as long as you don't change anything of the 4 involved tiles).

There is another hidden feature: You can have a single wall piece as a gate if it's directly placed at the keep.  It's nice for some wall gren protection. It feels like a feature, because the wall changes by itself if you place it between the keep and a road tile.



  • How do you make three roads connect to one gate piece?






  • Do you know any other useless tricks with walls and roads?

Why yes, yes, we do. In any 3x3 grid on your map, build a road as follows


R=road, _ = space, W = wall, 


Now, where the middle _ is (second row, second column), put a wall. This will turn into a gate, and one of the roads will turn into a 3-road intersection with green scenery.





Also, check out these awesome videos by @lilanthe








Future Content

  • How often are patches released?
  • What is the process that patches go through before release?

After a patch has been developed, it goes to through a review process to be certified for release.  Once the title has cleared Windows and Apple store review, we schedule them to be published at a specific time. In this case, 9AM Pacific. At that point, everything is out of our hands. Sometimes the update shows up within a few minutes, sometimes it shows up within a few hours. Sometimes Windows 10 is out before all the rest, sometimes the iOS build beats everyone out the gate. And even then, different regions can see the update in the store at different times.

In the past, the server would only support one version of a client meaning that on patch day, nobody could play until they had the newest version. We modified that back in the spring to allow people to continue playing on older builds for a while to accommodate for these sorts of propagation delays.


  • Should we expect buildings like markets which will allow trading among allies? Perhaps a new feature for gifting of items among allies?

No.  MS dariakus has said: "This is an idea that’s come up a lot, both internally and externally. Allowing players to straight up trade resources has a significant impact on the game economy, and not something we’re ever likely to do."

  • Can we expect Alliance Wars?  More Civilizations?

We do not know.  Over the years, the Devs have repeatedly alluded to the possibility of ongoing content like this.  But recently there has been little to go on.  (And in 2015, there were far more hints, but those hints have grown fuzz and are starting to smell, so digest them at your own peril.)

But let's start with the most recent hints, obtuse as they are.

At the launch of Age X, upon someone expressing surprise to see that the Keep can hold additional pennants, Phasma stated, "Yes we did increase the max amount in the Keep...... at this time there isn't anything new to buy, but it may come in handy in the future. [cool]  ."

That day, she also stated in relevant part, "Focus on the new update for now. :) We are still at work on new things, but when these come and what they are get announced once they have been developed and shown as working in the game. Please stop asking." 

Working backwards, in early 2016 when dariakus was working on AoE, he said: I'd like to take a moment to stress that we have not announced that either Age X or Alliance Wars are coming to Castle Siege. They are absolutely things on our mind--I don't think it's divulging state secrets to say we've discussed adding another Age or bringing the most-requested feature of all time to the game. When we have something concrete to discuss about future plans, especially anything around Alliance Wars, trust me--you'll hear about it from us [smile] We are absolutely dedicated to the game and the Age franchise [...], and Castle Siege still has a lot of life left in it."

Earlier, back in November, 2015 , dariakus teased us with the following:

"So here's a roadmap. Please do not take it as hardened truth or as a promise of future features--the farther out in the future it goes, the less reliable. But this is where our headspace is at. Hope it's useful. I'm going to be purposefully vague on some of the Long Term™ features because they're not confirmed, and definitely not fully designed yet.
Have fun:
Short term (2-4 weeks): Tweaking/fixing treaties and crowns. More flags. A much-requested alliance feature (requesting troops).
Mid term (2-3 months): More robust alliance searching and finding functionality, Leagues, and a smorgasboard of quality of life upgrades. More on what those are in the new year.
Long term (3+ months): Alliance wars, Age X, Exploration, New heroes and cultural units (perhaps from civilizations presently not in game), and more..."




  • What happens if I change my civilization?

You won't lose any of your progress by changing civs. Your civ-specific buildings will simply switch over to your new civ's type.  It does, however, cost 500 gold.

  • How can I change my gamertag?

To change the name given to you for this game, you must log in to Xboxlive, and edit your gamertag. They allow you to change your gamertag once for free. The name you choose for your gamertag will be the name that shows up in the castle siege game. 
Is it legal for players have multiple accounts?  How can I?
It is legal. (But having multiple forum accounts is grounds for exile.)  However, the Devs have said that they are aware of various shenanigans made possible by having multiple Castle Siege accounts. The same can be accomplished (albeit with a bit more effort) by any two players agreeing to said shenanigans. They are watching to see how widespread and consequential some of these things are, but any change will be a system-wide change as enforcing unique accounts is as effective as pouring raindrops back into clouds.


  • How do I create multiple castles?

Creating an alt account is very easy, at least on a PC. Follow these steps:

1.  Go to http://www.outlook.com (probably any email account would work, but @musictopia2 suggested hotmail & hotmail is now outlook.)

2.  Choose to create new account

3.  Follow all the steps on the screen to create the new account (including deciding on your password)

4.  After account is completed, go to the Xbox account

5.  go to settings and log off on your old account.

6.  open up castle siege

7.  it should ask you for the account or choose a new account.  Choose new account and enter the name including email address you chose for the account and password

8.  After a while, it will create a username for you.  Decide to either change that name or keep the name chosen.

If it asks for password again, choose to sign in separately

It may ask for permission which you have to accept.

At this point, your new account will be created and you start with the tutorial again.   If you want to switch, then log off your new account on the xbox and then when you open castle siege, both accounts will appear and choose which account you want to use.


Here is some advice from @ksslive on how to add an account to Xbox

On ‎12‎/‎31‎/‎2017 at 12:44 PM, ksslive said:

go to Xbox app setting tab and sign out.


3-a sign in dialog box appear (if your game running in back ground also prompt sign in message) click sign in


4-Xbox sign-in helper will appear and your default windows account sign-in automatically click "switch account"


5-Xbox account helper will appear  choose add Microsoft account (and finish adding by your self) if your account not already in list. 


6- once you finish adding Ms account just click and choose that account as seen in above pic.  another dialog box re-appear as seen in step 4. if that is your desire account click "lets play " or if not repeat step 5.

once sign-in successful close Xbox app and open game.  (if you login for the very first time with MS account you will asked to choose gamer tag, I suggest you to not change it immediately as it charge you money for second time . it will provide you random gamer tag.)




  • My bogus justification about how it is legal for me to use an auto-clicker is OK, right?

No.  You are an idiot.  Autoclicking is illegal.  If anyone uses an autoclicker, the Devs will reset your castle and/or simply ban you from the game and the forum.

The Microsoft Services Agreement explains:   

"1.9 Are there things I can’t do on the Services? You must not use the Services to harm others or the Services. For example, you must not: [...]  Enable unauthorized third party applications to access the Services; [...] Use or attempt to use any unauthorized means to modify, reroute, or gain access to the Services; Use any automated process or service (such as a bot, a spider, periodic caching of information stored by Microsoft, or metasearching) to access or use the Services, or to copy or scrape data from the Services; [...] Fraudulently increase the play count or otherwise manipulate the Services in any way, including using a script and/or otherwise automated process"

The illegality of autoclickers has been confirmed by the Developers many times.

Here is the source from the former executive producer of the franchise:

"Today we have once more taken action to punish players who were violating the Xbox Live Terms of Use. The use of exploits or external programs to remain logged in is a violation of said terms, and can result in punishment up to and including a ban from all Xbox Live services. While we cannot update the community with the result of every investigation, know that we take every report of exploits and cheating seriously."

Here it is again from another former staff member:

"Just a quick reminder to not publicly post the names or Gamertags of users you suspect to be cheating or using methods to stay online indefinitely. Please send a PM with the GT in question to me or another moderator so we can pass it on to the development team for investigation."

And again: "As was stated above, it is difficult to believe that someone could knowingly take steps to avoid being attack and not realize they were exploiting the system. Whether you were aware of the consequences of using an exploit does not change the fact that you knew you were cheating."


Other Resources



Thanks to the following contributors, in no particular order:  @Queen Matcha. @joyson joy, @ATG, @benjer3, @SpelerWeetIkHoeveel, @DrTovip, @Dave0564@Empress_Phasma,  @The Flying Rurik, @Jackadsa, @Good Times LP, Norse Skadi, @Screaming Cat, @Wulf & Dove, @lilanthe, @musictopia2 @Chuggles22 @Siege Wizard @Scythian Fury, @Chuggles22, @mmali386, @SuatKelem  @skh812 @Bueuk @spirits @musictopia2 @TheSilverZealot   @ksslive

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