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Please Devs buy a couple of Lumia 630 and start posting only from them, without using your PC. I'm sure you will improve the abilities for posting in the forum from phones faster then anything else. It is a punishment to post from a phone. Make something about it at least, I'm sure I am not the only one who feels like that!!!

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Great idea kicho, I would propose a Video Webcast (4 parts), this should show one of the devs trying the following:

  • Part 1 (Beginner): trying to write a post on phone, edit, insert and use emoticons
  • Part 2 (Advanced): same with a quote
  • Part 3 (Expert): and now with multi-quote
  • Part 4 Bonus (Insane): Part 3 with going back out of the post and then try to do this in the same post. again

Please put this higher in priority, ist not like there are not usable solutions available, at the moment the only thing you can to through phone is like a post and write a short answer, everything else is impossible.

And when you are at work at the forum, it is a shame, that a search through Google with gives you better results then your forum search. Maybe some results would be even good, but most of the time you only get

Sorry, there is a problem

Something went wrong. Please try again.

Error code: EX0

This is just ridiculous.

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I rarely watch livestreams and stuff like that, but this one? I'd block time and date in my agenda.

Pro-tip: pick the dev that is most prone to T.R.A. to do this Webcast. You might be making a new Internet Legend!


Because I'm like a really nice helpful person, I'll add my effort to this initiative. I'll provide you the soundfile you can use as background:


I'll also be a real doll and provide the Soundtrack your mobile Phone will be singing to itself should you try to use it to do what UoPoko describes:


I just figured out a real workaround for these issues though!

No hang in there, it's one that really works: don't use your smartphone to reply on this forum!

[razz];) (sarcasm meter high)

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